On Healthcare

Georgians have the right to affordable, quality healthcare. Georgia’s failure to fully expand Medicaid has put the physical and financial well-being of too many Georgians at risk. In the legislature, I will work to fully expand Medicaid. It’s the right choice, particularly for reducing Georgia’s unacceptable rates of infant and maternal mortality, which hit African-American women the hardest.

On Reproductive Rights

I support women’s reproductive healthcare and will oppose wasteful culture war crusades to overturn established law. I believe sex education should be evidence-based, contraception should be accessible to all Georgians, and that decisions about whether and when to become a mother are decisions the women of Georgia can be trusted to make for themselves.

On Criminal Justice

Georgia’s criminal justice reform efforts of the 2010s are a bipartisan success story. Accountability courts, reform of the juvenile justice system, reduction in sentencing for nonviolent offenders, and assistance with prisoner reentry into society have reduced Georgia’s prison population, dropped prison admissions of African-Americans to historic lows, kept families together, and saved Georgians millions of dollars. Criminal justice reform is working in Georgia. It should be preserved and expanded upon, not rolled back.

On Gun Safety

Georgia needs common sense gun laws, including background checks on all gun sales, the single most effective policy for reducing gun violence across all categories. I will work to end preemption of local authority by state government, so that Georgia’s cities can craft gun safety policy that addresses the specific needs of their communities, including allowing police departments to destroy ownerless crime guns. I will work to reduce Georgia’s high rates of domestic violence homicide by supporting a prohibition on possession of firearms by domestic abusers that is consistent with federal law.

On Climate

As a coastal community, Savannah has the potential to be significantly affected by sea level rise. I support efforts to transition from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy. I oppose oil exploration off the Georgia coast because of the threat it presents to the tourism and fishing industries and because a changing climate requires a change to our energy priorities.

On Local Authority for Local Governments

Georgia is a large, diverse state made up of cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas, each possessing unique strengths and challenges. In the legislature, I will work to ensure that local governments, not the state legislature, are empowered to make decisions on matters of local concern, such as setting a minimum wage within the locality, addressing city gun violence, altering their local confederate monuments, and regulating short term rentals.

On Education

Public schools are a public good that benefit every citizen of Georgia, regardless of whether they are a public school student or parent. Public schools boost Georgia’s economy by training its future workforce. Every Georgia child is entitled to a quality K-12 education and access to universal pre-K in a neighborhood school. In the legislature, I will protect and expand access to quality K-12 education as well as the best opportunities for college and technical training. I will work to fully fund education, giving teachers and schools the resources they need, and I will oppose efforts to divert public dollars from public schools.

On Casino Gambling

The social costs of gambling–including addiction, increased human trafficking and other violent crime, its regressive redistribution of resources away from the most vulnerable–make the costs of casino gambling too high to offset any alleged financial benefit to our community. Savannah’s robust tourism industry does not need casinos to attract visitors. I will oppose any effort to advance casino gambling.

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